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These learning resources have been produced by EHCCO and feature members of the EHCCO community.

Acclaimed experts in the fields of Dispute Resolution, Patient Safety, Nursing, Law and Physician Wellness gathered together for the EHCCO inaugural event held in Northern California in January, 2010. Here they discuss the importance of addressing conflict and promoting professional conduct in healthcare organizations. This series of three videos was produced in partnership with the Department of Defense Center for Patient Safety.

Prevalence and Impact of Unprofessional Conduct in Healthcare Organizations

Experts include: Alan Rosenstein, MD, MBA; Ila Rothschild, Esq., Special Counsel, the Joint Commission; Adele Keeley, RN, BSN, Mass General Hospital; Anu Rao, Director, Ombuds Office, MD Anderson Cancer Center (6:07)

Responding to Unprofessional Conduct in Healthcare- Hope for the Future

Experts include: Ila Rothschild, Esq., Jeanne Floyd, PhD, RN, Kim Hissong, MD, and Robert Robson, MSc, MDCM, FRCP(C) (3:31)

Conflict Competence -- The Role of Leaders in Addressing Unprofessional Conduct

Experts include: Ila Rothschild, Esq., Jeanne Floyd, PhD, RN; Linda Galindo, Accountability Expert; Robert Robson, MSc, MDCM, FRCP(C); Phyllis Kritek, RN, PhD, FAAN; and Debra Gerardi, RN, MPH, JD (9:07)

Professional Conduct Toolkit- Online Resource


The Professional Conduct Toolkit is designed to help healthcare teams address behaviors that undermine safe patient care and adopt the professional conduct that is a hallmark of high-performing teams.  The toolkit consists of four modules:

  • Professional Conduct, Teamwork, and Patient Safety
  • Responding to Behaviors that Undermine Safe Patient Care
  • Supporting engagement: The Role of Leaders and System Responses
  • High-Conflict Personalities, Mental Health Issues, and Safety Considerations
Click to access the online toolkit.

Click to access the online toolkit.