The path forward is about becoming more human, not just more clever. It is about transcending our fears of vulnerability, not finding new ways of protecting ourselves.
It is about discovering how to act in service of the whole, not just in service of our own interests.
— Peter Senge, Foreword to: Solving Tough Problems- An Open Way of Talking, Listening, and Creating New Realities, Adam Kahane, 2004

Consulting Services

Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay, CA

What We Do

We provide consultation, facilitation, training, and assessment services for organizations that are looking to enhance interprofessional collaboration, leadership effectiveness, teamwork and conflict engagement.

All services are customized to incorporate the unique organizational culture within your organization or group. Consultations often blend a variety of approaches including confidential interviews, conflict assessment, policy and practice reviews, leadership assessment, coaching and training services, group facilitation, dialogue facilitation and subject matter expertise, improvisation and curriculum design.

Our Approach

We approach our consultations with the belief that those working within the organization have the best solutions to the problems and challenges they face day-to-day. Our goal is to optimize participation and engagement to reveal the wisdom and commitment of your group or organization while addressing the barriers and road blocks that may be derailing your best efforts.

We combine our expertise in conflict engagement, collaboration, organization development, change management, coaching, leadership development, community building, and healthcare operations to engage with you and your colleagues in ways that are accessible, practical, effective and fun.


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The Oregon Patient Safety Commission contracted with Debra Gerardi to facilitate a statewide workshop on the disclosure of adverse events. She did a masterful job, handling a controversial subject with directness and integrity. Debra is that rare professional who combines clinical and legal knowledge with deep and empathetic facilitation skills.

Jim Dameron, Former Administrator, Oregon Patient Safety Commission

For us at UCLA Medical Center, Debra looked at our relationships with our patients whose cultures were different than our own and allowed us to explore  how and why we connected culture and conflict in our relationships with individual patients. It became more about giving us a new perspective than just giving us new skills. That’s what led me to become a student in her mediation class and to hire her for her mediation skills.

Mark Gelhaus, Former Director of International Relations, UCLA Health System

The current health care crisis facing our country goes much deeper than the access and financial aspects often discussed in the media. The underlying conflict that exists at the individual, provider and organizational level continues to weaken the foundation of the industry. Debra Gerardi is truly a preeminent leader in helping leadership identify, understand and engage in healing these very types of conflict. Drawing on a unique background as a nurse, manager, attorney, consultant and educator, she has the understanding and wisdom rarely found in one individual.

Pat Shanahan, Health Care Ombuds/Mediator,
Kaiser Permanente, East Bay Medical Centers