The essential challenge is to transform the isolation and self-interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole. The key is to identify how this transformation occurs.
— Peter Block, Community- The Structure of Belonging, 2008
Napa Valley, CA

Napa Valley, CA

The EHCCO Story

EHCCO represents the culmination of three decades of work in and with healthcare organizations. Our focus on the emergence of healthcare communities reflects our belief that collective engagement through the structure of community creates the greatest opportunity for optimizing the wisdom, knowledge, and hopes of a diverse and committed group of people. It is through this level of engagement that solutions emerge and people build their capacity to adapt and respond to complex problems in dynamic environments.

Our concept of community is simply this- community emerges when there is a coming together of committed individuals who choose to authentically engage with one another in an effort to expand what is possible and act on what is generated from the process of working together.  

Whether the goal is improved patient safety, a healthier work environment, resolution of ongoing conflict, strategic alignment, transition management, optimized relational dynamics or individual growth- the means to the end requires collaborative engagement and authentic leadership. Working this territory is the next evolution in healthcare.

At EHCCO, our contribution is to support authentic engagement, convene conversations that matter, foster true commitment, and to nurture the generation of innovative ideas using our expertise in healthcare, dispute resolution, transformative learning, conflict engagement, organization development and community building.

Our Focus

We provide services that encourage the 'emergence of community' by expanding the capacity of leaders, groups, departments and individuals to engage fully with one another, particularly when engagement becomes difficult due to the presence of conflict, competing demands, loss of resilience, or rapid change. Using the transformative model of: "intention, attention, practice, and support," EHCCO provides opportunities for embracing change through coaching, consulting, professional development programs, online forums, and web-based learning resources.

Whether working 1:1 in a coaching relationship or through convening of group efforts, our focus is on optimizing the capacity to engage in order to meet your goals- both personal and professional.

We use a variety of social technologies to help you reach your goals. These include:

  • Coaching- 1:1, teams and groups;
  • Consulting- assessment, facilitation, strategic alignment, leadership development;
  • Transformative Learning- experiential learning using applied improvisation and coaching;
  • Conflict Engagement- conflict assessment, facilitation, mediation, conflict coaching, and dialogue.


Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay, CA

In addition to our professional services, EHCCO serves as the hub for an ongoing community of practice. This growing and diverse community of professionals is dedicated to the exploration of emerging approaches for addressing conflict and improving collaboration in complex systems as a means of growing the capacity for authentic engagement at the individual and group levels.